With a coalition win will the market stabilise?

It’s what all buyers have been waiting for the end of the election. With the uncertainty of Labors new reforms now at rest experts believe we will now see a stabilising of the property market. Buyers retreat from uncertainty, which […]

2019 Banking Royal Commission

1. Change in the duty of a broker from recommending “a not unsuitable product” to “acting in the best interest of the intending borrower” This one is pretty self explanatory and at Napoleon Finance we do this day in day […]

Update On Current Lending Landscape

The findings of the royal commission has resulted in the microscope being put on the banks and they are under increasing pressure to ensure they verify all applicants details in greater depth but specifically there has been a focus on […]

How to pay off your mortgage faster

When was the last time you looked closely at your loan, the progress you are making on paying it off and how it compares to others in the market? Analysing your mortgage could mean savings for you, as well as […]